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Clinical users: How to add a patient to your roster

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As a clinical user, you have the ability to add your patients to VirtualCare through Patients list. Once added to your roster, you can request virtual visits with your patient, and manage their information. You may also add their dependents and have virtual visits with them as well.

1. Click Patients. The Patients list will display.

2. Click + Add Patient.

3. Enter all their personal information in the fields. Make sure their email is up to date, as this is how we’ll be contacting them to register for VirtualCare.

Note: If the information entered into the Health card # or Email address fields matches one in our database, an error message will display. It’s possible this patient may have been added to the system already.

Note: If the patient is rostered, click the Rostered button ON. If not, click the button OFF.

4. Click the Send invite to register checkbox. Selecting this option will ensure that your patient will receive a VirtualCare invitation email with a registry link.

Note: You can also skip this step and manually send VirtualCare invites at a later point.

5. When complete, click Add patient.

The window will display an Added message, and the patient will display in your Patients list highlighted in green.


The patient will receive an email asking them to register for VirtualCare. Once successfully registered, they may request a Virtual Visit with you, and you may request one with them.