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Clinical users: How to add internal documentation to a visit

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As a clinical user, you are able to add Visit notes to an appointment that currently has a status of Being Reviewed, Booked, or Complete. The notes you enter are not visible to the patient or client but are visible to other clinical users in your network.

1. Click Visits.


2. Locate and click the appointment you’d like to add notes to.


3. Under Visit notes, enter any content you’d like to add to the appointment.


Note: This field is not visible to the patient.

Note: This field also auto-saves with whatever content is entered into the field for submission at a later date. The auto-save date and time it saves will display above the field.

4. When complete, click Submit note.

Note: Once a note has been added to the visit, it cannot be removed.


The note will be added to the appointment’s details. You can add as many notes to the appointment as you see fit. The notes will display from oldest to newest.