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Clinical users: How to change a virtual visit’s communication method

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When you or a patient requests a virtual visit, a communication method must be selected. These options include Video call, Audio call, or Messaging chat. As a provider, you are able to modify the communication preference for the visit. This can be completed at any point in time, including during the actual virtual visit.

1. Click Visits.


2. Locate and click the visit request you’d like to edit.


3. On the visit screen, click the pencil icon next to Preferred communication.


4. The Change Communication window will display. From the list of options, select the new communication method.


5. When complete, click Confirm.

The updated communication method will display under Preferred communication. Remember, this can be changed again at any time before the scheduled virtual visit.

Note: Patients have the ability to receive an email notification when the communication method of their virtual visit has been changed.

Note: The communication method may also be changed during a virtual visit.