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Clinical users: How to create a laboratory request form

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You may create a laboratory request form within VirtualCare and enter in all the relevant details for your patient. Then, your patient can review the appointment on their end and save or print the form themselves.

Note: In order to complete this process, you must upload an image of your signature to your VirtualCare account so that you will be able to sign the request form. For more information, see Clinical users: How to upload your digital signature.

1. Click Visits.


2. Locate and click the appointment you’d like to create a laboratory request form for.


3. Under For the patient > Prescriptions and requisitions, click the Start a form dropdown. Then select Laboratory.


4. The Laboratory Requisition form will display pre-populated with the patient’s information. Select the appropriate checkboxes and enter any necessary information. The fields highlighted in red (Clinician/ Practitioner Number, OHIP/ Insured checkboxes, and Sex) are mandatory and must be completed before proceeding.


5. When complete, click Create requisition.


You will be returned to the appointment’s details. A downloadable PDF of the laboratory requisition form will display in the Prescriptions and requisitions area.

Once completed, the patient or client will be able to access the PDF in their visit’s details.