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Clinical users: How to decline a virtual visit request

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When a patient or client requests an appointment with you, you have the ability to respond and decline their request.

1. Click Visits.


2. In the list, locate the visit you’d like to decline. Click the patient’s name.


3. At the top of the visit’s details, click Decline.

4. A Decline appointment? confirmation window will display. You must select one of the two options in order to proceed: Either This patient requires in-person attention or Other reason. If you select Other reason, you will have to enter a reason in order to proceed.

5. When complete, click Yes, decline.


The window will close and the appointment will now display with a status of Declined. Your patient will receive an email and notification letting them know you have declined their request. From here, they can attempt to re-send an appointment request or you can attempt to reschedule with them.