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Clinical users: How to reassign a virtual visit’s provider

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Once a virtual visit has been assigned to you, you have the ability to reassign the visit to another clinical user in your network. They will receive an email letting them know they are the new MRP for the visit, and they can carry it out.

Note: A virtual visit can only be reassigned if it has a status of Requested or In Review. If a visit has a status of In Progress, it cannot be reassigned.

1. Click Visits.


2. In this list, locate the virtual visit you’d like to reassign. Click the patient’s name.


3. At the top of the visit’s details, beside the current provider’s name, click the pencil icon.

4. The Change MRP window will display. A list of providers with availability in your network will display. Locate and click the new provider you’d like to assign the visit to.

Once selected, the provider will be highlighted.

5. When ready, click Confirm.

The window will close and the visit’s provider will display the individual you selected. The new provider and the patient will both receive notification emails letting them know of the change. The visit will then display in the new provider’s Visits list, and they will be able to carry it out.