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Clinical users: How to resend a dependent verification email

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When you add a dependent to one of your patient or client’s profiles, an email will be sent to them asking them to confirm. They have up to 30 days to confirm their dependent via email. If they fail to verify the dependent in time or they try and fail to log in too many times, the dependent’s account will be locked. The only way to re-verify the dependent is for you to resend the initial verification email.

1. Click Patients. The Patients list will display.

2. In the Patients list, locate the locked dependent. Under the Verifications status column, the unverified dependent will have a status of Outstanding.

Note: You can filter by Last name, First name, Gender, Birth date, Health card #, or Email.

3. Under the Verification status column, click Outstanding.

4. A window will display giving further information regarding the invite and it’s status. To resend the invite, click Resend.

The window will close and the invite will be sent to your patient to confirm. The Verification status will change to Pending. Once the patient or client has received the email and confirmed their patient properly, then the dependent will display in your Patients list.