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Clinical users: How to resend a VirtualCare invitation email to a patient

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Once you have sent a VirtualCare invitation to your patient, they have up to 30 days to confirm their account by registering through the provided link in the email. This will ensure their account is kept safe and secure. If they fail to register in that timeframe or they try and fail to log in too many times, their account will be locked. The only way for the patient to register is for you to resend an invitation email.

1. Click Patients. The Patients list will display.


2. Locate the patient in the Patients list. Click the Verification status.

Note: There are several verification statuses within VirtualCare. They may include:

Verification status Description
Outstanding Your patient or client may have received your invite email but have not yet responded.
Invite link expired Your patients have up to 30 days to respond to a VirtualCare invitation. If they do not reply in the set amount of time, their invite will expire and you will have to send them another invitation.

Note: You can filter by Last name, First name, Gender, Birth date, Health card #, and Email.

3. A window will display giving further information regarding the invite. To send another invite, click Resend.

The window will close and a new VirtualCare invite email will be sent to the patient. In the Patients list, their Verification status will change to Pending. From the patient’s side, they will be able to register again through their email.