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Clinical users: How to resend bulk VirtualCare invitation emails

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It may be necessary to resend multiple VirtualCare invitation emails to multiple patients at once. This may be required for a number of reasons, including the scenario where patients were added to your VirtualCare roster but the Send patient invite email option was not selected.

Note: You may only resend invitation emails to patients with a status of Outstanding, Pending, Invite not sent, or Dependent verification. These statuses are displayed under your Patients list.

1. Click Patients. The Patients list will display.

2. In the list, locate the patients you’d like to resend invitation emails to and click the checkbox next to their names. You can select as many as needed, as long as they have the correct statuses. Once selected, their names will highlight green.

Note: You can filter by Last name, First name, Health card #, and Provider.

3. Once all the patients have been selected, scroll to the top of the list and click the Reinvite # Patients button. The number in the button will reflect how many patients you have selected and how many invitation emails will be sent out.

Note: You may select verified patients, but they will not be reflected in the Reinvite # Patients button, as they are not eligible for a new invitation email.

Once sent, the button will display an Invites sent confirmation and your patients will receive a new invitation email. From the patient’s end, they will receive a new email with a link guiding them through the VirtualCare registration process.