When a patient submits a virtual visit request, you have the ability to set a date and time to carry out the appointment.

1. Click Visits.


2. Locate and click the virtual visit you’d like to edit.


3. On the visit screen, click the pencil icon next to Scheduled Date & Time.


4. The Change Scheduling window will display. From the list of options, select Set a date and time now.


5. Click the Date/ Time field. A calendar will display. Select the day for the visit. Once a day has been selected, select a time from the spots available in the TIME list.


NoteThe times that will display as available are dependent on your set availability.

6. The selected date and time will display in the field. When complete, click Confirm.

The updated date and time will display under Scheduled Date & Time. This can be changed again before your virtual visit begins.


NotePatients have the ability to receive an email notification when the scheduled date and time of their Virtual Visit has been set or changed.