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Clinical users: How to send a virtual visit request to your patient

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In addition to managing incoming virtual visit requests from your patients or clients, you also have the ability to request and schedule appointments directly with your patients.

1. Click Patients


2. In the Patients list, locate the patient you’d like to send a virtual visit request to. You can filter the list by their name, health card number, verification status, or provider.

3. Once located, beside the Provider column, click the calendar icon.



4.  The Virtual Visit Request screen will display. In the drop-down, select the Reason for visit from one of the options.


5. You may be asked to provide more details in the Description box. If needed, add any relevant photos or attachments.


6. Click Continue.

7. In the Choose provider for this visit dropdown, select a MRP for the request.


8. Select a method for communication.


Then, select an option from the How would you like to schedule this visit? list. You can select from the following:

  • No date or time
  • Set a date and time later
  • Set a date and time now

Click Set a date and time now to set a date. The Date/ Time field will display:


Click the Date/ Time field. A calendar will display. Select a day, then an available time. The date and time will display in the field.


NoteThe date and time can be changed at a later date, and does not need to set during this process.

9. When complete, click Continue. A summary page will display with all the details you entered. To go back and modify the information, click Back. When ready to submit, click Submit Virtual Visit Request.


A success message will display. From here, you can review the request’s details by clicking View Virtual Visit request details or you can return to your Visits list by clicking Go to Appointments. Back on the Visits list, your new request will display at the top of the list. Additionally, your patient will receive an email notifying them of the request.