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Clinical users: How to set an out of office

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Clinical users have the ability to set an out of office status that patients can see when they attempt to book a virtual visit with you. When certain dates are set for an out of office, your patients will not be able to book appointments with you in that time frame.

Both providers and administrators have the ability to set out of office statuses.

1. In the top right-hand corner of VirtualCare, click your name, then Availability.


2. Under Out of Office, click Change.


3. Enter the Start date and the End date of the temporary out of office. You can also enter an Away Message that the patients will see as a banner at the top of the visit request.


Note: The Away Message section has a maximum of 250 characters, so try and be brief.

Note: When a Start Date and an End Date have been set, you can click Clear dates to remove them and start over.

4. When complete, click Set out of office. The selected dates will display.


Note: To remove an out of office, click Change then Clear Dates. Then click Close. The dates will be removed.