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How to sign up for a VirtualCare account

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Note: Depending on your provider’s needs, this feature may or may not be available to you. The contents of this article are only applicable if your provider has requested them for your personalized VirtualCare experience. For more information, please contact your provider.

As a patient, there are two ways you may sign up for VirtualCare:

  • Self-register via our homepage.
  • Confirming your account that was created for you by your provider.


1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up.

3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email.

4. When complete, click Request an invite. The Invitation sent screen will display.

5. Check your email. There will be a Sign Up for your account! email. Click Register for VirtualCare.

6. You will be directed to VirtualCare. Proceed through the verification screens and enter any vital information where asked. Make sure to enter your information carefully as VirtualCare will be assessing your account against your provider’s records. When complete, click Next at the end of each screen.

7. Click the Terms and Conditions and Patient Consent Form checkboxes. When complete, click Next.


Note: You can click Terms and Conditions or Patient Consent Form to review these documents.

8. Finally, a summary of all the steps will display. Review. When complete, click Complete registration.


An email will be sent to your provider. They will verify your submitted information and send you an email to confirm your VirtualCare account.


Once accepted, you will receive an email letting you know your registration request has been accepted. Click Log in to VirtualCare to start using VirtualCare.


Provider invitation

When a provider has created a VirtualCare account for you, you will receive an email asking you to register.

1. Check your email. There will be a Your clinic has invited you to join VirtualCare email from VirtualCare, sent on behalf of your provider.

2. Click Create your account.


3. You’ll be directed to VirtualCare in your internet browser. Our welcome screen will display with your name. Enter your birthday in the Month, Day, and Year fields. These fields are important for verifying your identity, as we’ll be checking this information against your provider’s records. When complete, click Next.


4. On the next page, enter the last 3 digits of your health card number. Again, this field is used to verify your account against your provider’s records. When complete, click Next.


5. On the password set up page, enter in a password you’d like to use. When complete, click Next.


6. On the address page, enter your address as it appears on your provider’s files. When complete, click Next.


7. Click the checkboxes agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of use and terms in the Patient Consent Form. If you’d like, you can click Terms and Conditions and Patient Consent Form to review. When complete, click Next.


8. A confirmation screen will display including the information you’ve included up to this point. Review when complete, click Complete registration.


9. A final screen will display, letting you know registration is complete. To start using VirtualCare, click Go to Appointments.


You will be directed to the main VirtualCare page. Once logged in, you will be able to request a Virtual Visit and review your health profile.