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Patients/clients: How to accept or decline a virtual visit from your provider

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In some cases, providers may wish to schedule a virtual visit with you. When they do, their request will display as a virtual visit request in your Visits list. Depending on your schedule, you may accept or decline their visit request. There are two ways you can access these requests:

  • Through the VirtualCare application
  • Through an email notification


Through the application:

1. Click Visits.


2. If a provider has requested a virtual visit with you, their new request will display in the Upcoming tab. You can click View Request to review any details they might have provided.

mceclip0__1_.png3. To accept the request, click Accept. To decline the request, click Decline.

Through your email notification:

1. Check your email. You will see a VirtualCare email sent on your provider’s behalf.

2. Click the link in the email to confirm. VirtualCare will open in an internet browser.

Note: Ensure that Google Chrome is your default internet browser, or you may experience issues.

The request will display at the top of your screen. You can click View Request to review any details your provider might have provided. Click Accept.