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Patients/clients: How to connect with your provider for video and/or audio visits

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Note: We recommend using Google Chrome for an optimal VirtualCare experience. Internet Explorer does not support audio or video and will affect the usage of the audio and video chat features.

After you or your provider have requested a virtual visit and scheduled a time, you may meet your provider on VirtualCare and have your appointment.

Your provider may email you accepting your appointment, which will include a link that will open the visit in VirtualCare. You can also access your visits directly through VirtualCare.

1. Click Visits.


2. Under Upcoming, in the list, locate and click the appointment you’d like to join.


3. Once your provider has accepted the appointment, it will display a status of Accepted.


4. The virtual visit’s details will display and your appointment will begin. The top of the visit’s screen will display your provider’s name.


By default, the audio and video icons are disabled, so they will not be able to hear or see you. To enable your audio, click the microphone icon on the top left-hand corner. To enable your webcam so that your provider can see you, click the video icon.


When your provider enables their webcam, your icon will reduce in size and display in the bottom right corner of the chat window, and you will be able to see your provider.

Note: You can click the expand button to make the video chat full-screen.


Note: You can also share your screen with your provider by clicking the share screen icon next to the expand icon.

5. Talk to your provider and carry out your appointment as you normally would in person.


When the appointment is complete, your provider will end your virtual visit on their side. The video chat window will close and you will be returned to your appointment details.


Your appointment will now have a status of Complete and will be moved to the Archived tab in your Visits list. You may return to the Archived tab to review any details your provider may have left for you within the appointment’s details.