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Patients/clients: How to update your notification settings

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You have the ability to configure VirtualCare to send you email notifications for any updates your provider might make to your virtual visit appointments. You can also set if you’d like to be reminded to reply to a visit request 12 hours every 12 hours until it has been accepted or declined.

1. In the top right-hand corner, click your name > Account Settings.


2. Click the Notifications tab.


3. Beside Email Notifications, click Change.

4. A list of email notifications available in VirtualCare will display.


Note: By default, notifications will be turned ON.

The following notifications are available to be set:

    • In Review: Being reviewed by provider

    • Declined: Virtual Visit request was deemed ineligible

    • Accepted: Virtual Visit request was deemed eligible

    • Reassigned: Virtual Visit request has been reassigned to a new provider

    • Scheduled date & time updated: Virtual Visit request has updated its scheduled date & time

    • Preferred communication updated: Virtual Visit request has updated its preferred communication

    • Cancelled: The provider has cancelled your Visit

    • Completed: Virtual Visit has been completed

Click the checkbox beside the notifications you’d like to receive updates for.

Note: By default, you will receive a notification when your provider has sent you a message when you’re offline. If you would like to shut off these notifications, click the switch OFF.


5. When complete, click Save changes.

6. Beside Reminders, click Change.


7. If you’d like to be reminded of an appointment 12 hours before it begins, make sure the switch is set to ON. To disable the reminders, set the switch to OFF.


8. When complete, click Save changes.