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Patients/clients: How to verify a dependent created by your provider

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You have the ability to add a dependent to your VirtualCare account. However, dependent profiles can also be created by your provider. In the event your provider has created a profile for your dependent, you will receive an email asking you to verify the dependent’s details in VirtualCare. Once verified, you can request virtual visits on behalf of your dependent. Your provider may also request virtual visits with your dependent, which will be sent to you to verify.

Note: To verify your dependent, you must have their health card number and their birth date. Make sure you have these on hand before following the steps below.

1. Check your email. There will be a Verify your dependent email from VirtualCare, sent on behalf of your provider.


2. Click Verify your dependent. VirtualCare will open in your internet browser.

3. Log in to VirtualCare as you normally would with your credentials.

4. The Verify a dependent screen will display. Review the dependent name and when ready, click Continue.


5. To confirm your dependent, enter their Birth date and Health card #.


6. When complete, click Verify.

Once the dependent has been successfully verified, the following success message will display. Now you will be able to book a virtual visit on their behalf. mceclip3.png

Note: You have a total of 3 attempts to verify your dependent. After 3 incorrect attempts, the dependent’s profile will be locked. To proceed, connect with your provider outside of VirtualCare, and they can resend you a verification email. Make sure to revalidate the information being entered by your provider just in case they have made an error on their end.