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Virtual visit interface update

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To improve VirtualCare’s user experience, we have upgraded the Virtual Visit interface to a new teleconferencing system. This new update will see improved video call quality, in-call screen sharing, and simplified control buttons.

So, what’s new?

Previously, there was no way to troubleshoot your camera or microphone before joining a call. Now, when you join a Virtual Visit, a Join call? screen will display (similar to a Google Hangouts meeting), where you can test your camera, microphone and speaker before joining.

Once you have confirmed that everything is working correctly, you will now click Join Call to officially join the visit.

Previously, joining a call would open in the same internet browser tab. However, with the update, clicking Join Call will now open the video or audio call in a new tab.

From here, you can carry out your Virtual Visit as you normally would in the new window. You can close the window at any time to end the call. You can click the microphone icon to mute yourself, or the video icon to shut off your camera.

If you are a provider, at the far right, there is a new Note icon. Clicking the note icon will open up a panel on the right-hand of the screen that displays the visit’s details.

Note: Only a provider may access the notes section.

Providers will also have the ability to add a note to the visit for the patient to review.

Clicking the Chat icon will open up a text area where the provider and patient will be able to send messages back and forth, and send attachments.

Providers also have the new ability to share their screen with their patients. To do so, click the screen share icon at the bottom of the screen, beside the microphone icon. A You are sharing your screen banner will display in the bottom of your screen and your patient will be able to see what you would like to share with them. Click the screen share icon again to end your screen share.

When the call is complete, you can click the phone icon to “hang up” and end the Virtual Visit. You will then be directed to a You left the call screen. Closing this screen will return you to the Visit’s details page.