The following document includes a summary of the new features included in VirtualCare versions 2.22, 2.23, and 2.24.

Version 2.24 is available in your Production environment as of May 24, 2023.

New Features

Adding/editing a patient updates

Made the following updates for adding a new patient or editing an existing one:

User permission updates

Added the following new provider abilities based on abilities set by their administrator:

New Reason for visit options

We have added the following Reason for visit options when scheduling an appointment: 

Registration: Health card tip update

Previously, when registering for a VirtualCare account, the system would ask for the last four digits of a patient’s health card number. The field itself would display a value reading 1234. For improved usability, we have updated this field to read 0000 to signify that information must be entered into the field.

Visit notes now update in real-time

Previously, if a doctor submitted visit notes a nurse would have to refresh the page in order to review what was submitted. This process has been updated and the Visit notes now display in real-time.

Visit details page: New Encounter ID field

To identify and track specific encounters within a visit, we have added a new Encounter ID field to a visit’s details. 

Note: This field is optional.

Updated French consent form

When a patient selects French as their language for the application, the patient consent form now displays in French.

Updated lab requisition and diagnostic imaging forms

When submitting a lab requisition or diagnostic imaging form, Virtual Urgent Care now displays as the program name.

New fields in Visit summary report

The following newly added fields now display in the Visit summary report:

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