How to blur your background in a virtual visit

To support your privacy when on a video call, we have added the ability to blur your background. You will remain visible to the user on the other end, whereas the background showing your room will be blurred out. This can be turned off and on depending on your situation. You can do this two […]

How to start a virtual visit instantly

To support instances where a patient has pressing health concerns or requires immediate medical attention, you have the ability to start a Virtual Visit immediately without having to schedule an appointment with a patient. Click the Patients list. The Patients list will display. Locate the patient you’d like to start a visit with. On the […]

Clinical Users: How to conduct group visits

Providers now have the ability to add unregistered participants to a virtual visit. This is especially useful for patients who would like to have family members or caregivers on the call with them for support. Unregistered participants can be added to a virtual visit by sending an email invite directly to a user. Participants can […]

Virtual visit interface update

To improve VirtualCare’s user experience, we have upgraded the Virtual Visit interface to a new teleconferencing system. This new update will see improved video call quality, in-call screen sharing, and simplified control buttons. So, what’s new? Previously, there was no way to troubleshoot your camera or microphone before joining a call. Now, when you join […]

How to assign and work with assessments

Providers have the ability to assign assessments to their patients. Their patients, in turn, will complete the assessment and submit the results back to their provider, wherein the provider or admin may review the results. If necessary, a provider may also complete an assessment on behalf of the patient. As a provider, there are two […]

Getting help: Available technical support

Phone Patients, providers, and administrators can call our Help Desk to speak with a Technical Support Analyst during office hours to receive assistance on any issue. Availability Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm (EST) 6am to 5pm (PST) Voicemails can be left after hours and will be triaged depending on severity. Access 1-800-559-3041 Email Providers […]

VirtualCare walkthrough videos

Welcome to VirtualCare! On this page you will find a series of videos guiding you through the application and some common scenarios you may encounter. If you need further assistance, please consult our Help page. Introduction to VirtualCare and its Core Features How to add patients or clients to your VirtualCare roster How to send a virtual visit request How to […]

Clinical users: How to send a virtual visit request to your patient

In addition to managing incoming virtual visit requests from your patients or clients, you also have the ability to request and schedule appointments directly with your patients. 1. Click Patients 2. In the Patients list, locate the patient you’d like to send a virtual visit request to. You can filter the list by their name, health card number, verification […]